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Interviewing young writers who are looking for a job, especially their first job, can be heartbreaking in a good kind of way. The youth, the energy, the enthusiasm, the optimism. I always hear echoes of myself, especially in the too-honest answers, the ones where you know the writer probably slapped herself in the forehead after hanging up the phone. Mentally, as I hang up I’m sending out a message to them: Don’t worry, I’ve given that kind of answer too, I once was young; I won’t hold it against you. Many of them express such great confidence that they have yet to come close to their own limits (perhaps they are good actors too). And then you get one like today, who, when I asked what she thought she ultimately might like to do, answered slowly, “At this point I’m really (pause), really not sure.” Such wisdom for one so young. Just remember that answer. You’ll do well.

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